Alabama Secondary Metals Recyclers’ system officially online

Reporting mandatory as of March 1, 2013

Alabama Law Enforcement Directory

A copy of the current Alabama Law Enforcement Directory can be found here

Secondary Metals Recyclers

Online registration for Alabama SECONDARY METALS RECYCLERS now available at scrap.alabama.gov

Employer Background Checks

Are you an employer needing AL background checks on employees, potential employees or volunteers? Find out about ACJIC’s online Alabama Background Check system here!

Recent Press Releases [all releases]

11/14/2013 AG announces arrest of Georgia man for felony violation of the Alabama Digital Crim Act

10/01/2013 AG Announces Felony Conviction of Former Lockhart Police Chief

07/31/2013 ACJIC releases 2012 statewide Crime in Alabama report

06/04/2013 AG announces conviction of former assistant police chief for multiple offenses

02/26/2013 Alabama Secondary Metals Recyclers’ system officially online