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07/25/20142013 Crime In Alabama Released


11/14/2013AG announces arrest of Georgia man for felony violation of the Alabama Digital Crim Act
10/01/2013AG Announces Felony Conviction of Former Lockhart Police Chief
07/31/2013ACJIC releases 2012 statewide Crime in Alabama report
06/04/2013AG announces conviction of former assistant police chief for multiple offenses
02/26/2013Alabama Secondary Metals Recyclers’ system officially online
01/09/2013School Violence in Alabama statistical report


08/29/2012ACJIC participates in Alabama Law Enforcement Disaster Coordination Group, response to Hurricane Issac
07/27/2012Online registration for Alabama SECONDARY METALS RECYCLERS now available at
06/29/2012 ACJIC releases 2011 Crime in Alabama report
06/22/2012 Alabama Attorney General Strange warns against misuse of criminal justice information, announces recent prosecutions
05/02/2012Former Brewton Police officer arrest for felony ethics and misuse of confidential law enforcement data violations
04/13/2012ACJIC partners with Alabama Attorney General in Special Prosecutions Alliance
02/29/2012Maury Mitchell appointed as Alabama Representative to SEARCH


12/08/2011ACJIC Director Maury Mitchell to co-chair National Information Exchange Model Meeting in Washington, D.C.
12/06/2011ACJIC Chief Agent Avery Morris appointed to ROCIC Board of Directors
11/10/2011First meeting of AG's Automated Victim Notification System Implementation Task Force held at ACJIC Nov. 8th
09/30/2011Former Montgomery Police officer sentenced to 48 months for wire fraud and aggravated identity theft
07/25/2011ACJIC releases Family Violence in Alabama, 2006-2010 report
06/27/2011ACJIC releases statewide crime statistics in annual Crime in Alabama, 2010 report
04/21/2011Attorney General Strange announces arrest of former Tallassee Assistant Police Chief for 40 counts of ethics and LETS violations
04/14/2011Alabama AG, ACJIC announce 2nd conviction of former conservation officer for misuse of LE information convictions in Baldwin, Tallapoosa counties
04/13/2011Alabama Drug Abuse Task Force report to the Alabama Legislature - April 12, 2011
04/12/2011Over 26,000 attempted purchases of methamphetamine precursor drugs blocked by electronic logging system in first three months of use in Alabama
04/11/2011Former Lockhart Police chief arrested for misuse of confidential law enforcement data and violating Alabama's Ethics law
03/09/2011ACJIC, Nationals Governors Association Center for Best Practices to host statewide Criminal Justice Policy Workshop in Auburn
02/25/2011U.S. Attorney's Office: Montgomery Police officer indicted on two counts related to identity theft
02/25/2011Former Alabama Marine Police officer charged with misuse of confidential law enforcement data
02/10/2011ACJIC Director completes Naval Postgraduate School Executive Leaders Program
02/08/2011Marshall, Doane selected to 2011 leadership roles on statewide ACJIC Commission


11/02/2010Daphne (AL) Police Chief David Carpenter II joins statewide Alabama Criminal Justice Information Commission
11/01/2010District Court Judge Kim Chaney joins statewide Alabama Criminal Information Commission
10/27/2010Tuscaloosa County DA Tommy Smith joins statewide Criminal Justice Information Commission
10/26/2010Chambers Co. Circuit Clerk Charles Story joins statewide ACJIC Commission
09/27/2010National FBI officials visit Alabama, ACJIC to observe innovations in statewide crime statics collection and analysis
07/30/2010ACJIC to provide DHS with 24-7 VIRTUAL ALABAMA support
07/20/2010Former Adamsville PD dispatcher convicted of 10 counts involving misuse of confidential law enforcement information
06/01/2010Statewide 2009 crime statistics report released by the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center
05/04/2010Two Jefferson County men sentenced for misuse of confidential law enforcement information
03/29/2010Legislation introduced to address Alabama's critical criminal history needs
03/15/2010University of West Alabama police officer arrested for misuse of confidential law enforcement data
02/24/2010Mitchell selected as co-chair of National Information Exchange Model committee
02/02/2010Boswell, Marshall selected to leadership roles on statewide Criminal Justice Information Commission National Privacy Policy standard also adopted
01/26/2010Former Alabama Marine Police Officer arrested for misuse of confidential law enforcement data
01/04/2010ACJIC director chairs national JISP Board meeting on Jan 6


12/31/2009ACJIC leads national CONNECT Board meeting in Washington, D.C.
12/02/2009ACJIC, District Attorney partners to provide QUICK ACCESS visitor verification and sex offender checks to local elementary school
11/18/2009Former Wetumpka police officer sentenced for misuse of LETS
11/10/2009ACJIC Announces Job Opening
11/03/2009ACJIC announces internal reorganization, new Region map, and Field Agent assignments
09/11/2009ACJIC Director meets with Congressional leaders
08/13/2009Former Bridgeport police officer convicted of LETS misuse
08/11/2009ACJIC participates in 2009 National Forum on Criminal Justice & Public Safety
08/06/2009District Court Judge Jody Bishop joins ACJIC Commission
08/05/2009Former Loxley police chief convicted for misuse of LETS
08/05/2009Former Wetumpka police officers arrested for misuse of LETS
07/16/2009ACJIC, ADC announces Alabama Resource Management System -
07/15/2009AG Announces felony conviction for misuse of criminal record information
07/07/2009ACJIC officials participate in 42nd Annual Nlets Annual Membership Meeting and Conference
07/07/2009ACJIC director participates in U.S. Department of Homeland Security workshop
06/11/2009Former Headland police officer arrested for misuse of confidential law enforcement data
05/13/2009Statewide Crime in Alabama, 2008 annual crime statistics, interactive dashboard released by ACJIC
04/13/200910 arrested for misuse of law enforcment information Investigation one of largest in history of ACJIC
04/13/2009Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center director one of 34 experts to present training at Microsoft Public Safety Symposium
03/20/2009ACJIC officials to make presentation at the Southern States Homeland Security Advisors Conference
03/19/2009Former Bridgeport police officer arrested for misuse of confidential law enforcement data
03/19/2009ACJIC officials participate in national CONNECT meeting
02/17/2009Becki Goggins named as national 2009 ASUCRP president


12/19/2008Former Loxley court clerk convicted on misuse of LETS
12/11/2008State, national leaders visit ACJIC during Ala. Fusion Center Open House
12/11/2008Former Dothan PD employee convicted of misuse of LETS
11/21/2008Alabama Background Check program receives Digital Goverment Innovation Award recognition
11/21/2008Director of National Intelligence Staff visits ACJIC
11/21/2008ACJIC participates in national Cyber Security training
08/07/2008ACJIC announces new Commission members
06/27/2008ACJIC unveils official state criminal background check system for employers
06/10/20082007 Alabama crime statistics released by ACJIC
04/21/2008Former Loxley police chief, court clerk arrested for misuse of LETS
04/04/2008Christopher Maturi, Jr.convicted for misuse of NCIC, LETS
02/28/2008Dothan PD employee arrested for misuse of law enforcement data
02/06/2008ADOC Commissioner Richard F. Allen named as 2008 ACJIC Commission Vice-Chair
02/06/2008Demopolis (Ala.) PD Chief Jeff Manuel named as 2008 ACJIC Commission Chair


11/29/2007ACJIC named as Network World 2007 Enterprise All-Star Award honorable mention
11/01/2007ACJIC innovations featured nationally by Microsoft, Unisys
10/25/2007Former state employee arrested; charged with misuse of law enforcement data
09/06/2007Former ADCNR employee arrested for misuse of law enforcement data
08/10/2007Alabama releases 2006 crime statisics (see full report on our "Crime Statistics" page)
07/12/2007Roger Humber, Dennis Bodine, named to ACJIC leadership positions
06/12/2007Former state employee convicted of misuse of law enforcement data
02/02/2007Danny McKinley named ACJIC Commission Chair


11/07/2006ACJIC unveils LETS 3.0
10/25/2006Alabama receives grant to implement statewide victim notification system
10/04/2006Alabama first in the nation to implement enterprise wireless access of criminal justice data through any mobile device
03/29/2006ACJIC announces secure government website for family members of Alzheimer's or dementia patients, law enforcement to share information
01/23/2006ACJIC, AOC invited to speak on panel during invitation-only event at Microsoft corporate headquarters
01/19/2006ACJIC Commission reviews public comments, approves changes to Alabama law enforcement Uniform Incident/Offense Report and handbook


11/02/2005ACJIC calls new meeting to ensure compliance with Alabama's new Open Meetings Act